Work Ethos

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According to the requirements, we occupy project teams with a different number of consultants:

• Usually, pareto works in pairs. Both consultants complement each other’s skills and stand for mutual quality assurance.

• Larger projects we take on with several pareto consultants and external co-operation partners […] for project assistance, pure capacity or as experts, if necessary.

• Smaller topics we manage to operate by individual consultants to keep costs down.



We conduct our consultancy services individually according to target, scope and typ of problem:

Seminars: teasers, 1-day seminars or workshops with special team building elements over several days […]

Short-term analyses, e.g. Lean assessment, operational due diligence, location determination

Classic consulting projects in which we deal with key themes. From the first analysis onwards, we are working together with you to provide you with precise impulses. We will be glad to accompany your project as far as you need it and will be at your disposal from the very beginning until the foundation is established among the employees of your company.

Projects with coaching: pareto consultants will work on the project and simultaneously lead and develop your employees, for example junior executives or trainees. This way, the employees acquire practical skills, our knowlegde remains in your company and we can work particularly cost-effectively.

Interim Management: All pareto partners are executives with line experience.

Build on Experience

Our team of consultants have an immense wealth of experience in the day to day running of business. This is reflected in the projects we are currently involved in. We know how Kaizen works. We have seen how the workforces responded and we are always looking for the argumentative way to new accepted thinking. Our approach is the continuous improvement rather than radical short term solutions.

Exploring Opportunities and Development

Within our areas of expertise we are excellently positioned to explore opportunities and develop skills. We know that companies need to think further than the traditional disciplines such as Lean Production. It’s about the entire value added process. Development, purchasing, sales and service can be made more effective and efficient processes using Lean techniques. We are your partners to discover these potentials in your company and to put them in practice.

Pragmatic Thinking; Advising Perspectively

We find the answers which tackle the core of a problem. We pragmatically analyse a task through to completion. Before we make our recomendations we check them critically, only then we advise. Our goal is to anchor lasting improvements to your business. This is our philosophy.

Assertive, Consensus-Orientated Thinking Overcoming Contradiction

We act as hands on partners who tackle and resolve. We convince through extensive dialog that our solutions are the correct way forward and guarantee to ultimately reach consensual agreement. We are driving change initiatives in an assertive manner to anchor permanently in your company.