It may sound like traditional management consulting, but it is much more…

partners of decision-makers and entrepreneurs – in the development of innovative customised concepts, in the design and control of change initiatives and in long-term strategic and organisational planning. In close cooperation with our customers.
through the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants. Everyone of them has a professional background as a manager or entrepreneur, focussed on identifying the essentials and putting them into practice working alongside you.
and firmly believe that management consultants can only provide added value if their ideas and actions are implemented. We know that a strategy is only a strategy if not put into practice.

Competence in Changes

We would like you to create your company’s success collaboratively with us. In dealing with your requirements we develop comprehensive solutions. From the most pressing management tasks to the seemingly minor detail enhancement we support you actively.

The company As strategy and management consultancy, pareto managementpartner GmbH & Co. KG focuses on the optimisation of production and logistics in the manufacturing and service industries. Our consultation services are aimed at the senior management in large and medium-sized firms since development of the most effective projects is always down to the decision-makers or entrepreneurs themselves. We help with the design and control of change initiatives as well as the associated organisational development.

pareto means: focussing on the essentials!

This goes back to Vilfredo Federico Pareto, an Italian engineer, economist and sociologist who postulated the Pareto optimum and discovered the Pareto distribution. He is thus the founder of the Pareto principle (the 80-20 rule) or the ABC analysis. Pareto optimisation refers to the solution of an optimisation problem with numerous objectives (a multi-criteria problem). This is generally the case in consulting projects where technical solutions need to be more than just right; they also need to be economic and fit in with the organisational structure.
We have, of course, optimised this a little further…


management partner means two things: We see ourselves as partners of the management – in solving important problems and in long-term strategic and organisational development. Our partners are managers – all our partners have already had staff responsibility or been self-employed before they became active within our circle. For you, this means that we offer partners who are on an equal footing to you.

Our business

We at pareto have a wealth of experience, individually and more so collectively, with many years combined hands on management skills within various successful companies overtime. Our main focus is in the Manufacturing Industry and related service providers.

> 20 years in aerospace manufacturers, suppliers, MRO, logistics
> 20 years in agricultural & construction machinery
> 20 years in automotive manufacturers and suppliers
> 20 years in metalworking and metalforming
> 5 years in semiconductors
> 20 years in logistics
> 20 years in plastics processing

Focusing on the essentials

We don’t just analyse and report. We work with and on your company structure and development making a substantial difference to your business.


We quickly analyse and improve structures and processes within your company in a sustainable manner.


We analyze holistically and create targeted concepts. A moderate and sustainable approach is our aim in implementation.


Convincing employees to accept change in a structured manner based on the conviction and empathy we provide .

Our Aim, your Success

80% of the desired effect can be realized with 20% of the usual consulting expenses. The result for you the customer means high effectiveness and quick results. For the remaining 20% to achieve the objective advise, we train your employees and strengthen their expertise.
The Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who lived in the 19th century is the namesake of our consulting company. From his findings we have derived our ambitious claim. In order to anchor success in your company.