Dr. Henning von der Osten

Economist; Dipl.-Vwt.


Design, management and improvement of business processes for manufacturing and supply chain management
Launch management of products, production lines and plants
Industrial restructuring
Enabling of organizations and management systems
Cost reduction programs, sustainable growth
Benchmarking, Best Practice programs

Degree in Business Administration and Economics

“The pareto consultants are individually qualified with an entrepreneurial ambition to design and improve.”


Experienced Senior Executive Automotive Industry. Excellent track record in manufacturing and supply chain management as well as business streamlining.


Project highlights:
  • Various projects to improve productivity of manufacturing, logistics and administration
  • Crisis management projects for manufacturing networks
  • Major new product and production line ramp-ups
  • Re-modelling of organiziations to improve collaboration between product engineering, manufacturing engineering, operations and supply chain
  • Mentoring programs for managers and experts