Statement | Digitalisation

Management plans, controls, steers, sets goals; it provides leadership and guides employees towards a common vision. In cooperation with the management, pareto accompanies corporate planning, improves order processing, shapes corporate foundations and supports operational management. In terms of digitalisation, this means:

  • We create digitalisation roadmaps and coach employees through the transformation process that digitalisation and Industry 4.0 entail.
  • Specifically, we implement software support for digitalised business processes and optimise them with the help of Big Data..
  • To do this, we structure data and create references so that Big Data and Six Sigma analyses can take effect at all.
  • Our engineering background helps us to identify the essential technical correlations so that you don’t have to poke around in the “Big Data fog”.

Data must flow freely in both directions across system boundaries

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Transformation Coaching

Digitisation rarely begins on a greenfield site. Some German production companies have traditions that go back hundreds of years – sometimes with equipment to match. Thus, they are considered “digital immigrants”. Organisations have to adapt in order to survive. The pace of change is accelerating, even though workforces are getting older. The challenge is to set up the existing organisation for the future and make it fit. To do this, we use our spiral model of agile organisational development, especially for the topic of digitalisation.

We advocate looking for the strategically right approach and then starting the organisational development with consistent steps. Parallel to gaining knowledge, benefits can then be generated continuously too.

Network of competence

The digital transformation needs many competences to succeed in the long term. Software competence plays only one main role in a whole ensemble of different expertise. It will be difficult to find a multicompetent partner in-house or externally. It is important to build up a competence network and to accompany your company’s development with these partners. pareto has experienced network partners. Together, we offer you optimal support on your way to becoming a digital company.


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