Peter Vornkahl

Mechanical Engineer, Dipl.-Ing.


Production planning
Coordination of different areas
Strategic Marketing
Process optimisation
Technical controlling
Introduction of new processes

Degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on production engineering and production logistics at Leibnitz University Hannover

“No wind is right one, if you don’t know the harbor you want to navigate.”



Long and short-term production planning
Process development
Strategic marketing, association activities, reporting, human resources

Product level responsibility for unpickled hot-rolled wide strip
Continuous improvement process

Mechanical Engineering at Leibnitz University Hannover specialising in production engineering and production logistics, degree: Diplom-Ingenieur

Entrepreneurial leadership skills and guidelines for action

  • Senior Executive Talent Programme of SZAG | MES, Cologne | 2018 – 2020
  • TOP seminar at SZAG: Entrepreneurs in the company | Emperity | 2022
  • SZAG TOP seminar: Strategy | Dr O. Plöttner, ESMT, Berlin | 2016
  • SZAG TOP seminar: Finance | Prof Bausch, University of Giessen | 2014
  • TOP SZAG seminar: Human Resources | Jochum Dialog Consultant | 2013
  • Management seminar | Poensgen | 2008
  • Seminar for managers | VDEH | 2005
  • Additional studies in steel | VDEh/TU Aachen | 1996 – 1997

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