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pareto supports companies from the initial concept throughout the entire process of analysis and defining objectives and strategies, to project definition and implementation and through to stabilisation. Our core competences lie in the fields of strategy definition, process and organisational design, organisational development, production management, production systems.

This also provides us with a sound basis for working on related topics in the administrative sector. Industrial engineering is not just for production, but also for administration. The methods of lean office and process management in particular can be transferred to countless areas. Even in the public sector efficiency and cost awareness are important.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Start-Up, Structuring, Restructuring for Business Units, Departments and Factories

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Preparation of Business Development Plans

  • Strategic Adjustment of product portfolios

  • Organisational Design

  • Product Management and Calculations

  • After Sales Service

  • Internationalisation

  • Production Networks

  • Location Master Planning

  • International Innovation Management

  • Supply Chain Management
    Sales Forecasts and Planning
    Planning Systems and Disposition
    International Supplier Selection and Qualification
    Materials Management and Logistics
     CKD/SKD Settlement

  • Information Stream and Value Stream Design

  • Production Planning and Management

  • Production Start-Up and System Change Management


Leistungsspektrum: Unternehmensfundamente gestalten
  • Connecting Product, Process, Organisation and IT
    BOM Structures, Routing Structures
    Time Management Systems
     Variant Management, Similarity Management

  • Planning factories, production and logistics systems

  • Designing workplace environments

  • Personnel Concepts and Measurements

  • Performance Reporting

  • Putting objectives into Practice, Performance Dialogue

  • Project Management and Multi Project Management

  • Start Up Support for products, factories and logistics systems

  • Crisis Management, Supplier Recovery

  • Commercial Analysis

  • Interim Management up to director level

  • Marketing of Technical Products

Work Ethos

we are known for


According to the requirements, we occupy project teams with a different number of consultants:

• Usually, pareto works in pairs. Both consultants complement each other’s skills and stand for mutual quality assurance.

• Larger projects we take on with several pareto consultants and external co-operation partners […] for project assistance, pure capacity or as experts, if necessary.

• Smaller topics we manage to operate by individual consultants to keep costs down.



We conduct our consultancy services individually according to target, scope and typ of problem:

Seminars: teasers, 1-day seminars or workshops with special team building elements over several days […]

Short-term analyses, e.g. Lean assessment, operational due diligence, location determination

Classic consulting projects in which we deal with key themes. From the first analysis onwards, we are working together with you to provide you with precise impulses. We will be glad to accompany your project as far as you need it and will be at your disposal from the very beginning until the foundation is established among the employees of your company.

Projects with coaching: pareto consultants will work on the project and simultaneously lead and develop your employees, for example junior executives or trainees. This way, the employees acquire practical skills, our knowlegde remains in your company and we can work particularly cost-effectively.

Interim Management: All pareto partners are executives with line experience.

Build on Experience

Our team of consultants have an immense wealth of experience in the day to day running of business. This is reflected in the projects we are currently involved in. We know how Kaizen works. We have seen how the workforces responded and we are always looking for the argumentative way to new accepted thinking. Our approach is the continuous improvement rather than radical short term solutions.

Exploring Opportunities and Development

Within our areas of expertise we are excellently positioned to explore opportunities and develop skills. We know that companies need to think further than the traditional disciplines such as Lean Production. It’s about the entire value added process. Development, purchasing, sales and service can be made more effective and efficient processes using Lean techniques. We are your partners to discover these potentials in your company and to put them in practice.

Pragmatic Thinking; Advising Perspectively

We find the answers which tackle the core of a problem. We pragmatically analyse a task through to completion. Before we make our recomendations we check them critically, only then we advise. Our goal is to anchor lasting improvements to your business. This is our philosophy.

Assertive, Consensus-Orientated Thinking Overcoming Contradiction

We act as hands on partners who tackle and resolve. We convince through extensive dialog that our solutions are the correct way forward and guarantee to ultimately reach consensual agreement. We are driving change initiatives in an assertive manner to anchor permanently in your company.


knowledge we provide

Seminare zum Thema Standort Masterplanung

Seminare zum Thema Losgrößenoptimierte Fertigung


Short version for a first knowledge of the topic. This version is particularly suitable for executives who would like to get a brief overview of the seminar or wish to get an impression of the course instructor.


One-day seminars contain comprehensible theoretical parts, accompanied by workshop phases in which the participants learn new methods in a practice-oriented manner. Parallels to the daily work and possible problem solutions become clear.

Each participant receives seminar documents as well as a certificate.


The training is carried out in three units. Short, understandable theoretical parts are combined with active workshop phases. The temporal distance and repeated impulse deepens and anchors the topic. In between the units, participants can try out and review the topic during their normal workdays. Solutions for the expected problems in the implementation are found together in the group.

All participants receive seminar documents and a certificate.


In addition to our standard seminars, we run interactive workshops in consultancy projects tailored to your specific matters.

For all seminars is valid: pace and technical depth are determined by the participants.



A solid basis for growth and efficient site planning

Location Development is an important process. Proper planning incorporates the current business plan but also factors in plans for possible future expansion. Therefore long term site planning is necessary to avoid problems in the future. Technological changes in future production may require additional space, budgets, time, as well as any general conditions reconciled. A master plan is not to remain static. It is to be dynamic, adapting to the company’s development.

Seminar content

The fundamental tasks are explained and structured solutions will be presented in a roll play workshop. The participents will be invited to test the methods of master planning to make things a little more interesting.


Management must be versatile, especially in the field of production where daily problems can arise. E.g. there is no point in securing the stable if the horse has already bolted! One approach for sustainable improvement provides the “Shop Floor Management” with leadership and systematic problem solving in house. The seminar will give you insight into this form of management which delivers practical examples and proven methods.

Seminar content

Common Problems in Production
Benefits and Features of Shop Floor Management
Pathways for the Introduction and Daily Implementation
Discussion and Case Study


The concept of production without overstocking

For the production of industrial goods LEAN management is an important issue to increase efficiency in the value chain. The pursuit of the optimal process chain brings some responsible person to a critical thought: “Do we have a set-up overkill?” The stress field of production and set-up costs, inventory and delivery service levels provide parameters for lot sizes. But conditions in growth, crisis and complex value chains require different approaches. Most manufacturing philosophies and strategies apply for “the big picture”.

Seminar content

Factors that Influence the Batch Size in Manufacturing
Stress Fields in Series Production / Order Production / Prototypes and Samples
Assessment of Manufacturing Processes and their Combinations
One Piece Flow and SMED – Expectations and Reality
Discussion and Case Study


LEAN – The essence of production for the Administration

Lean Production is desirable and ideal for many types of business’s. The principal has proven it’s effectiveness beyond doubt. There are numerous ways to improve. The core question is how to transfer the potential approaches to administration? We are convinced we have the know-how. Basic tasks will be explained in the example and structured method solutions provided in roll play workshops. Participants may test the principal in practice.

Seminar content

Practical Examples, Best Practice
Roll Play
From value stream to Information Flow
Worklist control
Field of action: Mindset, Toolset, Strategy
Strategy for Analysing and Implementation
Practical Tips and Tricks from
Discussion amongst the participants