pareto Managementpartner GmbH & Co. KG
  pareto Managementpartner GmbH & Co. KG

Strategy and management consulting for optimisation of production, logistics and service


It may sound like traditional management consulting, but it is much more...


We see ourselves as partners of decision-makers and entrepreneurs - in the development of innovative customised concepts, in the design and control of change initiatives and in long-term strategic and organisational planning.

In close cooperation with our customers.


We distinguish ourselves - through the extensive knowledge and experience of our consultants. Every one of them has a professional background as a manager or entrepreneur, focussed on identifying the essentials and putting them into practice.

As your partner, on an equal footing.


We are realistic - and firmly believe that management consultants can only provide added value if their ideas and actions are implementation-oriented. And we know that a strategy is only a strategy if it can actually be implemented.


Read on or give us a call - rest assured, it will be an interesting talk...

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